Franchise Consultants International is an independent contractor, engaged in the activity of introducing prospective business buyers to sellers of franchises and business opportunities.

Franchise Consultants International is paid a finder’s fee or commission by the seller if you elect to purchase a business from a company that was introduced to you by Franchise Consultants International.

Franchise Consultants International has not checked accuracy of the information provided by the seller, and assumes no responsibility for the acts, errors, or omissions of the seller, or the outcome of any transaction.

Franchise Consultants International is not qualified to advise in any part of the purchase of a business opportunity. You are urged to seek professional advice from a lawyer, accountant, and/or other qualified resources.

Many franchisors do not disclose “earnings claims” in their disclosure documents. Franchise Consultants International does not enter into discussions of earning claims. Any earnings claims information shall come directly from the franchise representatives.

Buying a business opportunity is a complicated investment. Take your time to decide, and consider visiting the headquarters/support center of the company you elect to buy from. Make good, common sense decisions in all investment matters.

The Federal Trade Commission regulates the sale of franchises and business opportunities. Contact the nearest office to you for information to assure that any company you deal with is in full compliance with the law.